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Clinton or Trump: India and United States Will Win
By Yaseen Puthan Veetil
| Category: U.S. India Relations

Whoever wins the US presidential election in November 2016—Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump--America, India, and other countries of the world will continue to become greater.


Indeed, though humanity is faced with countless problems, human civilization is well placed on the road to development.


Either Clinton, with her tactful diplomatic ways, or Trump, with his forceful business punches, is going to show the world that the United States indeed is the leader and the best hope for humanity.


For bringing about progressive changes, Clinton’s trump card will be “peaceful means” with honeyed diplomacy, while Trump will wield “forceful means” with power punches. The two Americans represent the two indispensible phenomena for maintaining social harmony in the world: peace and force.


In November 2016, the American people will choose the way—peaceful one or forceful one—in which their nation and the world is going to be changed for the better in the years ahead.


With Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister, India will continue to hold hands with the United States and its hand-grips will be much tighter if Donald Trump would be smiling bigger in November. Nevertheless, Modi is not likely to loosen the grip much even if Hillary Clinton would emerge as the winner.


India could contribute much to “peaceful means” or “forceful means” as the case may be.


A diplomatic Hillary Clinton can drink much wisdom from the multi-culturally enriched spiritual well of India and use it for dampening the hateful anti-West fire burning in the Mideast and North Korea.


As a zero-diplomat who believes in forceful means, Donald Trump can strengthen the military muscle of India and make its weight to lean real heavily on China and North Korea. Trump administration can tap the chest of trust that India shares with Iran, Afghanistan and the Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union. In return, with the American support, India too will become greater in several fronts.


Thus, India could be a double-edged sword in the hands of the United States: India would be of much use to the American administration which pursue either peaceful or forceful means.


Therefore whichever way the coin falls on November, India only need to rise up, shake hands, and collect the rewards. Whether Clinton or Trump, India wins.


Political power has its inherent limitations: every world leader has to give one factor the upper hand at any point of time: either peaceful means or forceful means. The next US President also has to make a choice between the two and, indeed, the two candidates apparently had done that!


All sorts of wisely done socio-political analysis, taking into account every possible perspective, would boil down to this hardly undisputable conclusion: the United States is the most powerful leader nation on the human planet and it decisively influences the resolutions of all kinds of problems in the world. Willingly, or unwillingly, other nations have to cooperate with that power.


With Narendra Modi in the cockpit, India is ready to contribute greatly to the efforts of the United States for making America and other nations greater--either through “peaceful means” or “forceful means”. Which means is going to change the world?


It is for the people of the United States of America to decide--in November.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this contest entry are those of the author and do not reflect the views, positions or policies of the U.S. Government