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How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
By Moon Garg
| Category: U.S. India Relations

USA being a world superpower has lot of global impact under normal circumstances and when there is a change of leadership due next year when President Obama’s term comes to an end is highly anticipated with lot of anxiety and curiosity .With finalisation of US Presidential candidate’s nomination by both the democrats and republicans, the world pundits have started forecasting the impact on the globe for both the types of president who will occupy white house in Washington DC.


When it comes to South Asia the consequences of such a major change at world leadership has different implications for the many south Asian economies who are at different levels of economic maturity. India, in particular has been successful in establishing bilateral lies and forge a strategic partnership with the world’s largest economy in the past.  India today in the post financial crisis world is positioned strongly on the economic front where it is forecasted to be one fastest growing economies of world leaving behind China who is facing a threat of downturn due to credit fuelled investment boom coming to a bust. Also since India is one of the big consumers for USA’s goods, in particular defence equipment the question who gets elected as US president becomes less significant.


Hilary Clinton a democratic candidate has shown considerable support to India in the past in matters relating to terrorism whereas trump has shown significant positive attitude towards India in its speeches for the state sponsored terrorist states neighbouring India. India will be looking at US with keen interest on its trade policies with other big south Asian economies such as china where any attempt by the US to create manufacturing jobs back in US can benefit India inadvertently. India may get impacted if US takes a tough stance on its outsourcing policies and immigrant H1B visas for the Indian skilled technology workers.


Whether the white house seats a democratic or a republican president, it will be difficult for either of them to ignore India which is positioned well in the world’s economic platform.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this contest entry are those of the author and do not reflect the views, positions or policies of the U.S. Government