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How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
By Mukib Ahmed Barbhuiya
| Category: U.S. India Relations

The relations between the United States of America and India dates long back to the early days of India’s independence from the Colonial rule. The two countries went through numerous struggles to overcome the dominance of hitherto super power and succeeded in attaining freedom through relentless and united efforts by its citizens. The nature of fight for freedom was almost identical and was guided by some exemplary leadership throughout the days of struggle. The diplomatic importance of a close relation between these two nations can be judged by the fact that just after 2 years of Indian independence, the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru proceeded towards a visit to the USA with the aim to strengthen bilateral ties.

While the visit of Pandit Nehru conveyed the message of peace and friendship for the people of both USA and India, the legacy of the same messages were carried forward among others, by Mr. Barak Obama to the Indian public and more recently by Mr. Narendra Modi, the present Prime Minister of India, to the US citizens. During his visit to India in 2010, Mr. Obama has inter-alia emphasized on sharing tolerance as a common value for the two biggest democracies of the world. The acceptance and emergence of Mr. Modi as a global leader was seen during his highly successful visit of the USA during 2014.

As the tenure of Office of Mr. Obama comes to an end, one assumes about a new regime by a new leader who will take over the most powerful Office in the world, there are lot of predictions about the mutual relations between India and the USA. The Presidential candidates are well aware about India’s role in maintaining peace and harmony specifically in the South Asian Region and hence it is expected that the new Administration will be very keen to maintain the age old cordial relation with India, for a mutually unswerving association.

Moreover, the two countries are facing the threat of global terrorism over a considerable period of time. The exchange of ideas and willingness to help each other in combating this threat shall be profitable for both the countries. The sub-continent in general and India in particular remains a diverse market with ample avenues for marketing the products manufactured in the USA. This will definitely encourage the entrepreneurs to remain focused on this territory of huge opportunities.

The United States has always been a landing ground for many of the bright Indian professionals, be it in the field on Software engineering, Sciences, Researches on different subjects. There are numerous examples of the Indians excelling in various sectors in the USA since a long time and the opportunities have become realistically possible only because of the intellectual nurturing they received in the USA as well as the prospect they got to showcase their potentiality.

In all perceptions, it can be said that the governmental, bureaucratic and diplomatic relations between the two influential nations will only improve even if there is change of guards at the Governmental level in the USA. The two countries on many occasions have asserted to continue their concerted efforts to cooperate with each other on many issues and challenges commonly faced by them. Over the years, it has been seen that the USA and India have been supportive to each other on different major issues at the international level. There is no doubt that the mutual dependence, support and cooperation will exist in future also, whether the power in the USA comes with either the Republicans or the Democrats after the Presidential elections.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this contest entry are those of the author and do not reflect the views, positions or policies of the U.S. Government