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How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
By Tushar Kanti Ghosh
| Category: U.S. India Relations

 ‘…….For men may come and men may go,/ But  I go on forever.’


My  impression  on how to paint the impact of the U.S.  presidential election on  U.S.-India relations  starts with opening  up of the windows  color options . Though  I  will mainly use  paper color, there may be a mix of other colors .


That will depend  upon India’s relation with Pakistan and middle eastern countries on the one hand and Prime Minister  Modi’s success in opening up of the vast Indian market for the U.S. and her competitors.


Presidential  elections  will come and go at certain intervals but the people will go on forever, like the brook .


The  TV  shows of pre-election promises and  theoretical impacts appear so much irrelevant  in the post-election  days. This is the lesson of elections we have experienced over the decades.


Trump or Hillary, the Christian- Muslim–Chinese -and the other diaspora – mix proud  people  of America, from Washington to Florida and from Maine to California  and beyond will continue to live, flourish and perish, and continue to produce Nobel Prize winners and tech- innovators , and continue to extend the frontiers of democracy   as before, in spite of terror attacks within and without. In case of the no less proud people of India, from Kashmir to Kanniyakumari  and Gujarat to Arunachal, life will go on, climbing a meandering path from poverty to prosperity, with the helping hand from stakeholders like America .


Relations of the  two great countries like the U.S. and India over the past years were shaped by  democracy tempered  with  values of culture, talent,search for energy and higher education,safer and greener world, and of course by market. Not that all these are election-neutral, but what is increasingly more visible in the U.S.  presidential election of 2016 is a pressure on the candidates  for the American  domestic constituency . That may logically impact U.S.-India relations a bit, and the color of the artist’s brush may not always be paper.


Some wise men on the TV screen may try to make us agree that  impact of victory of  one candidate may  pave the way   to extinction of terrorism from the world – thereby allowing India and Pakistan to live and avoid the third world war , shutting down outsourcing shops particularly in India to create  jobs for the youth of America, and cutting taxes  for growth, while victory of the other candidate  may lead to world peace at the cost of some American blood in the middle east and elsewhere, cheaper oil and natural  gas, spread of   trade wings on vast markets of India, giving  a ticket to India for the nuclear suppliers’ group and to the Security Council. There may then  be many shades of red-green- blue hues in the U.S.-India relations.


I do not subscribe to this type of wisdom.  The world ,according to Sri Aurobindo, has to have the maturity to evolve to a better world, where life divine may descend , and India, he said, had the potentiality to show the way. Why not the U.S. and India be partners to usher in that better world? The U.S , though starting late, has become a great country. Yes, for the format, there will be elections in India and the U.S., and in all the democracies of the world, and the citizens must live in peace and tranquility, but let not the elections of a particular country impact its relations with others .


To  come back to what  I began with, elections  may come and elections  may go, but we two will go on for ever.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this contest entry are those of the author and do not reflect the views, positions or policies of the U.S. Government