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How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
By Vandana Sharma
| Category: U.S. India Relations

According to my perspective, the U.S.A. ELECTIONS of 2016 will be affecting least to the emerging bonding of INDIA and that of U.S.A. itself. INDIA being a developing economy has been constantly making fair diplomatic relations with U.S.A. whether it be in terms of social or economics fields. 


According to some facts and figures which I have been observing, INDIA under the prime minister ship of SHRI NARENDRA MODI has awaken a bold relationship with the United States of America (under the President ship of MR. BARACK OBAMA). The world history give the proof for such progress. Both U.S.A. and INDIA are equally accountable for the same. As the current scenario states India will soon bypass the Chinese economy. The benefit it is getting from the investments made by U.S.A.’S companies (mainly MNC’s - Multi National Corporation) are just beyond what was expected to be achieved. Even the deals and developmental projects in the field of science and technology are proven facts that the bonding between the two nations are helping in increasing their particular economies, setting an example towards the world's economy and rising the standard of living of the common people as a whole. The job opportunities, education facilities and  health facilities are attracting more deals or treaties to be signed by both the nations. And also the strategic treaties signed by both the Countries are helping India for developing a strong defense system which is making it more reliable towards the U.S.A. Even the societies of both the nation states are getting modified day by day. The culture and traditions of both the countries are equally been shared and respected. 


Now, in such a case we cannot say that the U.S.A. ELECTIONS for 2016 will have a drastic  affect on the meaningful relationship of both the states. Whosoever wins the U.S.A.’s Election of 2016 for the post of president as well as vice-president whether it may be the candidate from a Republicans party or a democratic party or that of the libertarian party, no coming leader will wish to harm or end such a profitable relationship. No leader will tend to modify such a fruitful relationship in a way which will be affecting both the economies - one which is growing at a rapid pace(INDIA) and second which is the vast and developed economy of the world(UNITED STATES OF America). 


The main reasons which I consider to be the pillar of INDIA-U.S.A. Relation are as follows :-

=> Both of them are having a strong past.

=> Both the states have been recognised at the international level.

=> Both of them shares strong diplomatic bond.

=> Economic policies of both the states are keen to increase via the resources which are being shared through many treaties.

=> Both states are socially and culturally respectable to each other.


As a conclusion, I will wish to state that as we know that every coin has two sides, this new phase coming in the way of United States of America may bring some impact to the India’s economy or towards its relationship with the country but not in a way that there political, diplomatic or economic and social environment to be questioned or harmed. 


Ending my perspective I will say that the coming years for both the states will be more fruitful and profitable. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this contest entry are those of the author and do not reflect the views, positions or policies of the U.S. Government