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How the U.S Presidential election will impact U.S-India relations
By Vishal Sharma
| Category: U.S. India Relations

The world is globally connected now by the way of free movement of goods and services, resources and people. Global politics play a very crucial role in this globalised world and this is the reason why any incident which took place in one country has its implication in another part of the world, for instance the Brexit global impact.


India and the United States of America (USA) are two biggest democratic countries in the world with India as the world’s fastest growing economy and the USA as the most powerful and the richest country in the world. A very important character of a globalized world is ‘one nation has to depend on another nation for increasing its own trades and business and resources’. It was in the year 1994 when Lee Hamilton, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman during Bill Clinton times, stressed the need for better ties with India.


Following grounds on which US and India relations can affect each other

1. Foreign Trade Policy,

2. Employment opportunities and

3. Personal interest of both the nations.


Political agenda of the Republican Party’s candidate Donald Trump (relevant to India)  

1. To reform immigration policies so that jobs for native Americans cannot be taken by other countries citizens, and

2. Economic vision to gear towards more investment, grow and produce in America.


The political agenda of the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton (relevant to India)

1. Trade reform policies that put US job creation first,

2. To oppose Trans Pacific Partnership and

3. Comprehensive immigration reform.


On immigration policies, According to Donald Trump, native Americans must first prioritise for the job and not the citizens of other nations, whereas According to Hillary Clinton, America is a nation of immigrants  and they should live with dignity, equality, and respect in America. If there be strict immigration policies according to the words of Trump then all those 10 million Indian immigrants who are employed to US must definitely be affected and thus it will affect India, whereas if by going to the words of Hillary Clinton it can be deduced that her Comprehensive immigration reform will not affect much to Indian citizens employed there and thus it will affect India positively.


On foreign policies and economic vision both the party’s candidates are of the similar view that is to gear more job opportunities in the US and to oppose any such policies which hinder the growth of US. Here if both the candidates have a common aim to increase more job opportunities then it will be good sign for India and if Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) types of treaty has been opposed and stopped then it would be again good for Indian markets to carry trade in the US on the same footing just like the other countries.


In present days, US and China’s relation are not good due to South China sea issue and US-China Trade reforms. If US has to strengthen his position in Asia then he has to take India on his side because India has a major economical and political role in Asia.  Also if India has to make a permanent position in United Nation Security council, to tackle with her neighbouring countries and to strengthen its trade then India has to cooperate with US.


Overall USA and India are in such a position that they both need mutual cooperation from each other not only for trade and commerce but for spreading peace across the world.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this contest entry are those of the author and do not reflect the views, positions or policies of the U.S. Government