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  • Jennifer Iannolo, founder of The Concordia Project, provides young girls in India and other parts of the world the tools to turn their entrepreneurship dreams to reality.

  • University of Minnesota’s IPRIME creates opportunities for academia-industry collaborations for cutting-edge research on materials.

  • Sharmistha Banerjee, first Global Links program scholar from India, shares how the exchange program helped strengthen her commitment toward improving women’s lives.

  • The Stanford SystemX Alliance, a collaboration between Stanford University and industry leaders, produces world-class technology research and outstanding Ph.D. graduates.

  • The start-up HarVa works to expand India’s outsourcing industry to include rural populations, especially women. 

  • Tech tools being increasingly used by young companies to expand their brand and solve new challenges. 

  • IVLP alumna Dr. Gazalla Amin broke into the male-dominated farming sector to start cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants in Kashmir.

  • Fulbrighters Sharmistha Banerjee and Diti Mookherjee are promoting environmentally conscious business practices among women street food vendors in Kolkata. 

  • Jagriti Yatra sparks creative enterprise and encourages development through a journey across India.

  • IVLP alumna Hema Balakrishnan’s eco-socio enterprise strives to empower terracotta artisans in India.

  • Girls in Tech India strives to make STEM and entrepreneurship opportunities more accessible to women, especially in rural areas.

  • Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program supports start-ups with training and resources to make it big.

  • Some of the most promising sectors for start-ups in the United States.

  • Partnership building, customer understanding and competitive analysis are just a few of the key factors in creating a successful business.


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