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  • Between 2002 and 2012, the number of majority women-owned firms with $10 million or more in revenues rose from 8,110 to 12,700—a 56.6 percent increase.

  • The United States is known for its vast conventions and trade shows, which can take up spaces the size of dozens of football pitches and host hundreds of thousands of visitors.

  • A social media manager is a professional who handles all of the digital conversations regarding a particular brand.

  • Gen Y experts help companies recruit and retain young professionals.

  • A personal brand manager builds identities, making sure that they are positive and compelling.

  • Sustainability managers guide their companies toward ecofriendly solutions.

  • The Internet isn’t just a great way to share photos and watch videos—it’s also a vibrant ecosystem that allows companies of all sizes and shapes to market to customers around the world.

  • America’s multibillion dollar convention industry adopts new sustainability standards.

  • What began as a speculative blog has become a professional and design challenge—and may well evolve into a worldwide social and economic movement.

  • Aseem Das is the founder of World Centric, a supplier of compostable food packaging and food service products like plates and utensils.

  • EcoScraps turns food waste into compost, helping gardens—and the enviornment—in the process.

  • Colnatec is a woman-owned “greentech” company from Gilbert, Arizona that designs and builds thin film process control sensors for nanotechnology manufacturing.

  • The young entrepreneur helps businesses “do well by doing good.”

  • Social media spurs the popularity of food trucks in the United States, many of which whip up meals of samosas and crepes with equal élan.


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