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  • Colnatec is a woman-owned “greentech” company from Gilbert, Arizona that designs and builds thin film process control sensors for nanotechnology manufacturing.

  • The young entrepreneur helps businesses “do well by doing good.”

  • Social media spurs the popularity of food trucks in the United States, many of which whip up meals of samosas and crepes with equal élan.

  • Four female entrepreneurs show how the ability to change is important for long-term growth of their businesses.

  • From location-based mobile tools to fund-raising apps, four young entrepreneurs combine high-tech elements and social networking to launch novel ventures.

  • The concept of corporate social responsibility began to gain popularity in mainstream Indian business thinking at the dawn of this decade. It was, like so many things, a modern avatar of an old idea.

  • Fabindia has shaped the way many of the urban Indian middle class dress and furnish their homes.


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