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  • TechCamp South Asia participant Sahar Mansoor’s start-up, Bare Necessities, offers personal and home care products that are ecofriendly and use biodegradable packaging.

  • Nexus-trained CogniABle integrates technology and clinical expertise to provide accessible and affordable screening as well as treatment solutions for neuro-developmental disorders like autism.

  • English language specialist Dieter Bruhn helps entrepreneurs polish their business communication skills like pitching and negotiations.

  • TechCamp South Asia participant Chandra Vadhana R. works to provide digital employability skills to enhance the career prospects of women.

  • Patna-based Farms and Farmers Foundation offers mobile phone apps and other services to help farmers increase their income from agricultural activities.

  • U.S. State Department exchange program alumna Yamuna Sastry’s Bengaluru-based start-up, Cab Dost, helps taxi drivers secure their future by providing them different financial services.

  • FIA Technology, a Haryana-based Millennium Alliance awardee, works on financial inclusion by taking banking services to the doorsteps of customers from underserved sections.  

  • Nexus-trained Hydrotec Solutions’ solar-powered water purification system provides communities with 24/7 safe drinking water on a pay-per-use basis.

  • Essmart, co-founded in Tamil Nadu by American Fulbright-Nehru researcher Diana Jue-Rajasingh, delivers life-improving technologies by developing distribution channels within existing local networks.

  • RoadBounce uses cutting-edge analytics to improve public safety and infrastructure, all through smartphones.

  • Nexus-trained Schillings Air offers products and services to eliminate air pollutants, reduce cost and help monitor clean air.

  • Nexus-trained LIFAFFA partners with ragpickers to convert plastic waste into a leather-like material and create upcycled products.

  • Bengaluru-based Simpa Networks sells solar-as-a-service to energy-poor households and micro-enterprises in rural India.

  • American water technology company Xylem works to mitigate pollution to provide safe drinking water and ensure its sustainable use.


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