What new technology are you looking forward to using?

The most important technology, which I certainly look forward to using is a process management software for household or small businesses. I believe, with increasing complexities and multi-tasking approach in our day-to-day life, we will certainly need a process management system, which will be a lot more than just a task manager, but a little less than a comprehensive ERP software used in industries. It might be linked to our UID numbers and will be based on the data analytics of our day-to-day pattern, to make life easy! we might call it "Easy ERP"! :)
—Submitted by Piyush Agrawal 


Drones, Robots, 3D Printing, Artificial Intellegence, Nanotechnology based products - in short - I would like to use all the Exponential technologies, which are soon said to shape the future of the world. Singularity University - in the US - is my dream to learn and explore more about these technologies.
—Submitted by Dharmik