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  • Pooja Nath Sankar’s California-based company Piazza provides a free online Q&A platform for students to connect with their instructors.

  • Many U.S. universities and institutions organize academic competitions which can help international students earn that extra edge to gain admission in top colleges.

  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) provides a way for international students to work in their area of study, even off their U.S. university campus.

  • EducationUSA helps debunk myths about studying in the United States and guides students to take informed decisions.

  • U.S. universities are striving to offer a range of authentic global cuisines to its international students.

  • Exploring the pros and cons for students opting to reside outside their U.S. university campus.

  • Mentorship programs at U.S. colleges and universities, like at the University of California, Berkeley, help new and transfer students navigate their new school environment.

  • U.S. university counseling offices help international students adapt to campus life.

  • Tutoring services at U.S. universities help international students with different aspects of academic life.

  • Adam Grotsky’s exciting career started with his deep interest in South Asia and a university education in South Asian Studies.  

  • U.S. colleges and universities stand as examples of not only high educational standards, but also of architectural beauty.

  • Alumni networks are vital for prospective and current students at U.S. higher education institutions.

  • Students at U.S. universities need to learn to budget their time and money to sustain themselves.

  • With an increasing number of Indians studying in the United States, the student visa application process has been made simpler and faster.


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