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How do You Choose?

Students planning to pursue higher studies in the United States should keep a few key factors in mind while picking a major.

From economics to anthropology, environmental biology to astronomy, musical theater to accounting, students have a huge array of choices when it comes to picking a major. For many, the decision can be daunting. But keeping a few key factors in mind can help you make a strong and informed choice.

Watch the job market 

Whom are companies trying to hire most? For instance, if you see postings everywhere for data scientists, artificial intelligence (AI) specialists or user interface/user experience (UI/UX) designers, and those disciplines intrigue you, looking at computer science study programs can be a great way to start. 

Money matters 

How much will you need to earn post-college to meet your financial obligations? A lot of information is available online about average salaries and expected growth for jobs in specific fields. So do your research and keep money in mind as you make your pick.

Look at location

Do you aspire to be a professor? Remember that choice professorships can be rare and competitive, and may require you to move far away from home. Or think of opportunities close to home. Is your home city a hub for clean energy start-ups, for instance? If so, perhaps a major in business, environmental engineering or design could set you up for success when it comes to landing a great job nearby.

Get inspired

Choose a major that excites you. The more inspired you are to learn, the more you’ll get out of your studies and the better prepared you’ll be to launch a successful career.



Michael Gallant is the founder and chief executive officer of Gallant Music. He lives in New York City.