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Iconic Architecture

U.S. colleges and universities stand as examples of not only high educational standards, but also of architectural beauty.

When we think of a college campus, we usually conjure up images of grand brick halls, grass quads and clock towers. Many campuses have these features. Others take them to the next level.


In the United States, several universities and colleges have become world-class tourist attractions, especially for architecture lovers. The campuses reflect the diversity of the country itself; whether in terms of location, size, design or features. They demonstrate a powerful blend of tradition and modernity, through a mix of classical, Gothic, neoclassical and modern architecture. And, they are home to stellar collections of buildings designed by renowned architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architectural firms like RAMSA (Robert A.M. Stern Architects) and Morphosis, and even President Thomas Jefferson.

From thousands of American college campuses, large and small, here are a few campuses with architecture that represent iconic styles and house absolute don’t-miss buildings in evocative settings.