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  • Grades and SAT scores only reveal the surface of a student’s ability to succeed in a college setting. In today’s competitive admissions, many American schools aim to see beyond the numbers.

  • Graduate programs in international relations provide students with a comprehensive picture of how the public, private and nonprofit sectors can work together to create and impact policy.

  • The number of American schools offering programs in entrepreneurship has exploded in the last decade. The Kaufman Foundation finds that 2,000 U.S. colleges and universities offer courses in entrepreneurship.

  • Community colleges let students work toward a 2-year associate’s degree, providing a core education that can be transferred into a 4-year degree program—or simply stand on its own.

  • For women looking to study in the United States, there is a less-considered option that can open a world of opportunities: attending a women’s college.

  • Graduate school involves a major investment personally, intellectually, socially and financially. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to get all of the information you want and need.

  • With hundreds of majors and thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, how does one begin to decide what and where to study in the United States?

  • Before you start packing, there are many things to consider. How much can you bring? What is safe to bring? Will you bring it with you to the United States or send it separately?

  •   A photo sampling of some of America's most striking and beautiful college campuses and their landmark buildings.

  • College acceptance in the United States continues to be extremely competitive. Here are some tips from admissions officials on how to rise above the crowd.

  • The number of colleges and universities in the United States is vast. But you already knew that. What you don’t know is this: some of America’s best schools are ones you’ve never heard of.

  • Khan Academy has achieved stratospheric success, boasting more than 150 million “lessons delivered.” 

  • Tips on intermingling with people from varied backgrounds at U.S. universities.

  • It is better to prepare seven to eight good applications rather than sending 15 half-baked ones.


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