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  • Adam Grotsky’s exciting career started with his deep interest in South Asia and a university education in South Asian Studies.  

  • U.S. colleges and universities stand as examples of not only high educational standards, but also of architectural beauty.

  • Students at U.S. universities need to learn to budget their time and money to sustain themselves.

  • Alumni networks are vital for prospective and current students at U.S. higher education institutions.

  • With an increasing number of Indians studying in the United States, the student visa application process has been made simpler and faster.

  • Students learn about India from the inside out through the School for International Training’s unique study abroad programs. 

  • U.S. universities employ various safety measures and security mechanisms to provide students a stress-free learning environment and a home away from home. 

  • International Houses offer a wide variety of learning and entertainment opportunities to Indian students at U.S. universities.

  • The Smart Kidz Club online portal offers illustrated and interactive e-books and resources to make learning fun for children.

  • GyanDhan provides prospective students cost-free services and solutions to help fund their education through loans.

  • The Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania connects leaders from the United States and India while nurturing a new generation of scholars of contemporary India.

  • The Ohio State University and Aligarh Muslim University have joined hands to prepare Indian students to excel in STEM fields, as well as become teachers at the country’s higher education institutions.

  • Sharmila Mitra Mukhopadhyay explores the immense possibilities offered by nanotechnology.

  • Gen Next helps U.S. universities develop their presence in India and provides guidance to Indian students who aspire to study in the United States.


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