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  • What work opportunities are there while studying in the United States and after you earn a degree? Here are some answers.

  • Be supportive of your children and do not obsess about institution ranking and prestige.

  • Community colleges have become gateways to meaningful employment for students focused on obtaining practical skills that will make them attractive both to local companies and to global firms.

  • American universities have become stepping-stones to success for thousands of Indian students in a trend that seems destined to accelerate.

  • In the United States and India, students gain valuable knowledge from Massive Open Online Courses.

  • U.S. universities offer a wide variety of programs and options to train students to be professional journalists.

  • Seven steps to improve your chances of standing out as an applicant to U.S. colleges and universities.

  • Build a better city, and a great career, with an urban planning degree.

  • EducationUSA advising centers in seven Indian cities conduct regular sessions for students to explain how to put together a strong application for an accredited U.S. institution.

  • Graduate school involves a major investment personally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and financially. It is wise to take about a year to do your research and prepare your applications.

  • The University of Maryland offers a program in one of the fastest-growing fields of study and employment: criminology and criminal justice.

  • Graduate programs in international relations provide students with a comprehensive picture of how the public, private and nonprofit sectors can work together to create and impact policy.

  • Grades and SAT scores only reveal the surface of a student’s ability to succeed in a college setting. In today’s competitive admissions, many American schools aim to see beyond the numbers.

  • The number of American schools offering programs in entrepreneurship has exploded in the last decade. The Kaufman Foundation finds that 2,000 U.S. colleges and universities offer courses in entrepreneurship.


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