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  • Familiarize yourself with some commonly used phrases of U.S. universities.

  • Education and career opportunities in public and environmental affairs.

  • The study of public policy and international affairs helps students develop deep analytical skills on a range of policy issues.

  • Ranking is only one of the many factors that need to be considered while searching for the right college.

  • Equipping students with critical thinking, creativity and communication skills is imperative to imparting global citizenship education.

  • Many short-term study programs that last 12 months or less are available in the United States.

  • Admissions officials in the United States consider various factors before accepting or rejecting an international application.

  • A major in women’s studies provides a strong foundation in research methods and communication tools.

  • Winners of the Hindi blog contest on how Americans and Indians working together in the field of education are influencing and shaping the U.S.-India partnership. 

  • Advice on how to land positions in the United States, once you have received your degree.

  • To help you prepare, here are a few questions frequently asked by undergraduate students.

  • The road map for studying in the United States includes meticulous planning, selecting the right institution and program and successfully applying to graduate school.

  • EducationUSA brings you the “5 Steps to U.S. Study,” a step-by-step process of understanding, preparing, applying and being admitted to a U.S. higher education institution.

  • The University of Chicago’s new academic center in India will promote research and scholarship. 


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