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  • Arts and crafts, museum conservation and digital arts programs in U.S. colleges are pushing the boundaries of technology and expression.

  • Sculptors, painters, architects and other artists raise awareness about climate change through their work.

  • Sharing a story across multiple platforms using the latest digital technologies.

  • Five decades strong, the Art in Embassies program builds bridges within communities around the world.

  • Books on international relations help readers understand political dynamics within and among countries.

  • Slimmed-down and sometimes sanitized editions of popular nonfiction titles are fast becoming a vibrant, growing and lucrative niche. 

  • Nina McConigley writes of Indian life in Wyoming.

  • Through creative workshops, A Window Between Worlds empowers survivors of abuse, trauma and violence.  

  • Dozens of college bhangra teams exist in the United States today and many compete in intense competitions catering to the growing dance scene.

  • The colorful displays give a glimpse into the struggles and achievements of the Indian community in America.

  • Artist Bernadette Amore discusses the impact of the immigration experience on her work—and American art as a whole.

  • Young adult literature is as much for grown-ups as it is for kids.

  • Hollywood studios engage audiences through Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

  • American theater groups are challenging the audience’s perception of who women are, and what they can and cannot do, through their productions.


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