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  • How did a single cable company become the catalyst for a new golden era of American television drama?

  • Beverly Bond’s organization mentors black teenage girls from age 12 through high school to become self-confident through mentorship programs, art education and public service.

  • While Terra Naomi has gained a following with her captivating sound, it’s her unique approach to managing and promoting her music career that really sets her apart.

  • A new Broadway musical based on the music of Frank Sinatra has taken America by storm. The creative pairing behind the hit song and dance sensation  may just be made in heaven.

  • The vibrant young singer, composer and upright bass player performs a blissful blend of jazz and Latin music, earning rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

  • Through mentorship and leadership training, young musicians learn skills for the concert hall and beyond.

  • With songs written by rock band Green Day, “American Idiot” examines post-9/11 life in the United States.

  • The San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival fosters many styles of dance from around the world.

  • The actor and singer, whose many honors include a best actor Academy Award, has been called the Renaissance man of entertainment.

  • The DIVA Jazz Orchestra has caused a significant splash both because of its all-female lineup and the high quality of musicianship fans say they hear at every concert.  

  • With five floors of books, rare collectibles and literary events, the Strand Book Store in New York City is a one-stop shop for book lovers.

  • An Indian American writer and cooking instructor explores food, family and culture in her work.

  • Candace Bushnell’s work explores the rituals of living and loving in the Big Apple.

  • With “To Kill A Mockingbird,” published 50 years ago, Lee gave America a story for the ages. Just don’t ask her about it.


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