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  • New design can be tuned to an individual’s body weight and size.

  • The University of South Florida is working to establish a unique Indigenous Studies Field School in Arunachal Pradesh, in partnership with Rajiv Gandhi University and RIWATCH.  

  • Akash Shah’s start-up Care/of delivers personalized vitamin packs to consumers via monthly subscriptions.

  • The Maternal and Newborn Health Development Impact Bond has the potential to provide improved health care during delivery to as many as 600,000 women in Rajasthan over the next five years.

  • Nexus-supported start-up Docturnal provides screening and diagnostics for various diseases through smartphone apps.

  • Model developed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory could reduce false positives and unnecessary surgeries.

  • By integrating mobile technology, diagnostics and behavior change science, the Aina device aims to aid the fight against diabetes.

  • Indian American teenager Anurudh Ganesan’s award-winning invention VAXXWAGON is an ecofriendly, no-ice, no-electric refrigeration system for vaccine transportation.

  • International students must have health insurance to protect themselves from high medical expenses.

  • A reception was organized in anticipation of World Tuberculosis Day, at which Ambassador Richard R. Verma was joined by Amitabh Bachchan, brand ambassador for the “Call to Action for a TB-Free India."

  • Rashid Shaikh explains the health impacts of air pollution and how Indian cities can improve their air quality.

  • It’s worse than a scratchy throat. Greenhouse gases and airborne particulate matter taken into the lungs penetrate the body and can create serious illnesses and damage children’s developing lungs.

  • You may not realize it, but simple choices about what you eat and where you spend your time can protect you from diabetes.

  • Want to keep track of your health with a mobile phone? Here’s how.


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