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  • Indian American teenager Anurudh Ganesan’s award-winning invention VAXXWAGON is an ecofriendly, no-ice, no-electric refrigeration system for vaccine transportation.

  • International students must have health insurance to protect themselves from high medical expenses.

  • A reception was organized in anticipation of World Tuberculosis Day, at which Ambassador Richard R. Verma was joined by Amitabh Bachchan, brand ambassador for the “Call to Action for a TB-Free India."

  • Rashid Shaikh explains the health impacts of air pollution and how Indian cities can improve their air quality.

  • It’s worse than a scratchy throat. Greenhouse gases and airborne particulate matter taken into the lungs penetrate the body and can create serious illnesses and damage children’s developing lungs.

  • You may not realize it, but simple choices about what you eat and where you spend your time can protect you from diabetes.

  • Want to keep track of your health with a mobile phone? Here’s how.

  • Five ways to keep your environment clean (and keep yourself healthy).

  • American and Indian researchers use cutting-edge innovations to uncover the genetic secrets of the disease.

  • Out of nearly 300 million people who need spectacles, only 40 million have access to eye care and glasses.

  • Dimagi helps community health workers deliver patient care in villages using the Internet and mobile phones, a concept known as m-health.

  • Two doctors from different generations talk about their challenging, but fun, experiences of medical school—in India and in America.

  • Genetic counselors guide patients through the discovery and management of genetic conditions.

  • Singer Gaida is also a composer, voice coach and speech therapist.


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