• For renowned chef and entrepreneur Rohini Dey, innovative cooking is just the beginning.

  • With technology becoming smaller, smarter and more integrated, wearing it as apparel and accessories has become the hottest fashion trend.

  • Soccer is gaining huge popularity in the United States, thanks to increased exposure to international tournaments and players.

  • The role of immigrants in shaping the American fashion industry.

  • American cuisine reflects the nation’s diversity and the influence of immigrant groups.  

  • John Robshaw uses India’s block-printing and fabric-making techniques in his signature textile collection in the United States.

  • Ayurveda vacations offer an opportunity to travel and relax while focusing on health.

  • Curry Up Now, which runs food trucks, restaurants, bars and a catering business in California, fuses Indian flavors with American favorites. 

  • The mother-daughter duo of Anita Jaisinghani and Ajna Jai is taking Indian food mainstream for American audiences through their Pondicheri restaurants.

  • Enhance your health and get closer to nature at these picturesque yoga retreats in the United States. 

  • From log houses to iconic buildings, examples of German-inspired architecture can be found across the United States.

  • Share your thoughts on "How do you think food connects individuals and builds mutual understanding between nations?"

  • Celebrated Indian American chef Floyd Cardoz talks about his restaurants, his favorite Indian dishes and how food strengthens relations.

  • While some prefer an experienced politician as the U.S. president, others want an “outsider” with new ideas and approach.


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