• What are the qualities that make these five American cities more innovative and creative than others?

  • Three American women—married, raising kids and working full-time—share their insights on how they are making it all work for them and finding equilibrium with work, family and life.

  • Americans are lining up for the hot new trend in pizza—Indian! With tasty toppings like baingan bharta, butter chicken and paneer tikka, who can resist?

  • If you are visiting the United States, fear not—American cities are well-equipped with worship and dining options for followers of all major religions.

  • Americans are adopting, and adapting, India’s pockets of snacking perfection.

  • Urban agriculturalists enjoy a rewarding profession that bridges city and country—it provides the best of both worlds to those who enjoy digging in the earth as well as nights out on the town.

  • A 17-year-old Bangladeshi American and her circle of girlfriends at a Michigan school thought of a novel way to have a prom of their own, yet still follow their religious beliefs by creating a girls-only event.

  • The Opportunity Network teaches disadvantaged young people the skills to succeed—in business and beyond.

  • Why is public speaking regarded as one of the things that people dread most? Here are 10 tips to help you deal with the fear and connect with your audience.

  • Toastmasters International helps young and mid-career professionals overcome their fears of public speaking, build leadership skills and advance their careers.

  • Gender communications expert Connie Glaser talks about the behavior of men and women in the modern workplace—and what she found on a recent trip to India.

  • What is the mark of a good leader? U.S. Consular officers share five qualities that will help you build your leadership skills.

  • Want to explore a new environmental frontier that can be both beautiful and beneficial? Plant a roof.

  • Hip young adults are embracing new methods to shop and discover emerging trends. One such way is the traveling THREAD Show, which brings local designers directly to the people.


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