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Photo Contest Winners (2015)

Winners are requested to send their postal address and phone number to ezinespan@state.gov


First prize

Water is universal to life by Aakash Dhingra from New Delhi



Second prize

Thinking for better future II by Sourav Karmakar from Kolkata, West Bengal



Third prize

Homebound by Kaustubh Kambekar from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra



Winners in individual categories (in alphabetical order)



Best Depicts the Theme


Mother's hands by Somenath Mukhopadhyay from Suri, West Bengal


Save animals by Yeshi Rabgyal from Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Say no to plastic!!! by Yoganand R from Chennai, Tamil Nadu





The dead leaf by Aditya Srivastava from Gurgaon, Haryana


The tangled secrets of nature by Anurakti Gupta from Tilhar, Uttar Pradesh


Wind power by Pravinsinh Chauhan from Ahmedabad, Gujarat





Human and nature by Anmol Bains from New Delhi


Save energy now, to use it later by Lokesh Dhamija from New Delhi



Solar energy by Megha Shyam from Hyderabad, Telangana





Active in the morning by Bhagvandas Bhavsar from Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Collective fishing in Silbati by Biswajit Patra from Kolkata, West Bengal


Give me some leaves by Rakesh S. from Kochi, Kerala



Photo Quality


Precious flora and fauna by Kumud Lekhok from Jorhat, Assam


Do I have a tomorrow? by Sanjiv Murali from Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Save water save environment by Shubham Paul from Burdwan, West Bengal



The entry with the most likes


Save the future by Ritesh Pal