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  • Karan Jani’s groundbreaking work as part of the team at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory led to the detection of a gravitational wave.

  • How today’s investment in ideas can create tomorrow’s innovations.

  • How local actions can help in the fight against climate change.

  • Cities need to adopt business models that encompass a proven combination of technology, analytics and subject matter expertise to resolve one of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

  • Fulbright Fellow Shahab Fazal talks about the interlinkages between urbanization, land transformation and smart growth.

  • Madhav Pai puts feet, bikes and buses before cars to advance India’s urban centers.

  • IVLP participant Rajeev Lunkad discusses the need for smart water management for a sustainable future.

  • Resilient design is key to protecting vulnerable coastal cities.

  • IVLP participant Roshni Udyavar Yehuda shares her thoughts on India’s transition to sustainable buildings and ecofriendly construction.

  • Fulbright Fellow Rohit Vijay Tak discusses the urgent need for smart urban planning in Indian cities.

  • MIT-led project shows a new method to help communities manage climate risks.

  • Exploring the different development and conservation strategies for smart growth.

  • Divya Nag’s Stem Cell Theranostics has developed a technology that may revolutionize clinical trials.

  • Eesha Khare used nanomaterials to develop a supercapacitor that can charge cell phones in a matter of seconds.


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