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  • MacArthur Fellow Kartik Chandran is working on a cost-effective and ecofriendly method to convert wastewater into clean water and energy.

  • Mayor Jim Brainard shares examples of the environmental initiatives implemented in Carmel to turn it into a sustainable smart city and the lessons India and Carmel can learn from each other.

  • Lessons from California’s success in improving air quality.

  • Keeping the Earth’s air clean ranks high among CEO Elon Musk’s personal and business priorities. He believes that more people should drive nonpolluting electric cars.

  • GE’s Digital Wind Farm creates new opportunities for the renewable energy sector.

  • Are wave energy converters the future of clean energy?

  • Analysis of material’s molecular structure leads to a new formula that could cut greenhouse gas emissions.

  • AltaRock uses innovative technology to tap geothermal energy.

  • Move over coal. Here comes torrefied wood, a viable and clean replacement.

  • Q&A with Vivek Chattopadhyaya, program manager for the Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility Program at the Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi.

  • Analysis shows that smarter programming of stoplights could improve efficiency of urban traffic.

  • Cutting-edge carbon capture technologies seek to help in the fight against global climate change.

  • Shayak Sengupta, a Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Fellow, is conducting research on the cost, feasibility and effectiveness of air pollution control technologies in coal-fired power stations in India.

  • Anaerobic digestor to convert food waste into renewable energy.


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