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  • Dharunika’s parents were overjoyed when she told her teacher that she didn’t like having dosas for breakfast. Sounds strange? Not when you realize that this was the first time the 13-year-old had expressed an opinion, and communicated something that went beyond the basics.  Born with cerebral...

  • An electrical engineer by profession and a rural development worker by passion, 34-year-old Gyanesh Pandey is co-founder and CEO of a company that produces electricity from rice husks. To fulfill his dream of bringing light into the lives of millions of people, Pandey returned to India in 2007...

  • Mobile health messages to inform women of ways to care for themselves during pregnancy, to dispel myths and misconceptions, to highlight warning signals and connect women with local health services.

  • Incubated in a Stanford University class, MightyLight is a simple, safe and affordable device that is lighting up homes in India and the world.

  • Children in several Indian states are discovering new books, improving their reading skills, and girls are finishing school, with American support. 

  • An American foundation supports the next generation of entrepreneurs in India and the United States, to develop a society of engaged citizens who then contribute to the improvement of their communities.

  • The declaration of January 20 as an American holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., is a tribute to a man who dedicated his life to obtaining equal rights and inspired the fulfillment of his dream.


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