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  • Change in India: A 50-Year Perspective
    By Ambassador Jonathan Addleton

    India's story of change from the eyes of a USAID Mission Director working to further strengthen relations between India and the United States.

  • Living an American Dream
    By Angelina Nair

    The Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral and Professional Research program allowed artist Partha Dey to explore the immense opportunities available in the field of art and crafts in the United States.

  • A Cross-Cultural Academic Matrix
    By Arpita Chattaraj Mukhopadhyay

    SUSI alumna Arpita Chattaraj Mukhopadhyay talks about her exchange trip to the United States.

  • How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
    By Mukib Ahmed Barbhuiya

    The relations between the United States of America and India dates long back to the early days of India’s independence from the Colonial rule. The two countries went through numerous struggles to overcome the dominance of hitherto super power and succeeded in attaining freedom through relentless and united efforts by its citizens. The nature of fight for freedom was almost identical and was guided by some exemplary leadership throughout the days of struggle.