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  • India-U.S. bhai bhai
    By Anjali Bhavan

    Just this evening, I was helping my parents in house chores while mulling over whether to go to college in India or USA. The USA offered greater course flexibility and amazing exposure; and India offered cheaper education of the same quality, while also offering the opportunity to work for my country from my country.

  • Together We Can
    By Sidharth Balakrishna

    The United States and India are poised on the cusp of new era; there is an increasing recognition that the two countries could collaborate in a number of spheres. It is this motivation that has been the primary driver behind recent reciprocal bilateral visits of the Heads of Government of both countries.

  • US-India: "Forward together we go - Chalein sath sath"
    By Darpan Saxena

    As nations committed to values of democracy, liberty, diversity and enterprise, India and US are bound by common values and increasingly convergent mutual and global interests. With our top leaders President Obama and PM Modi sharing great camaraderie and rapport, there is a renewed energy in the relationship and we must not miss this historic opportunity to take our relationship to the next level.

  • Writing a Stellar Undergraduate Application
    By Tanya Sharma

    As the application season for Class of 2019 closes, many future applicants worry about their fate. I am no outsider to that feeling. Last year, I was on that very same boat - terrified of applying to American universities with jaw-dropping acceptance rates. Thankfully, for me that uncertainty is over. Looking back, the admissions process has been full of reflection, reevaluation, and rigour.