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  • All Things American
    By Neha Dasgupta

    For a generation that spends its nights watching American sitcoms – I confess my day is incomplete without Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory -  and following Americans ranging from Obama to Oprah on Twitter, most of us are fairly clueless about the events and nuances that shaped America.  I am an exception only because I had an American History paper for a year in college.  And I loved it. So it was a minor heartbreak to see that American history isn’t on offer in Delhi University’s Masters Course.

  • America, I think I know you so well, But do I?
    By Amitabh Kumar

    The year was 1995, a relaxing summer holiday Sunday morning, I had no clue I was about to be introduced to the ‘Land of opportunity’. The cable guy who was sweating it out on the roof top, finally had our television hooked up to Rupert Murdoch’s Star Network, MTV, Star TV, National Geographic, CNN you name it, just like that, there is was. A window to USA, 22 square inches to view ‘the land of the brave & the home of the free’.

  • Small liberal arts colleges: Providing value for the investment
    By Sriharsha Masabathula

    As Ohio Wesleyan University’s India Representative, I participated, in August, in a trip to major cities in India organized by the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA), a consortium of 13 liberal arts colleges in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Participants included admission counselors from several GLCA schools, and our goal was to share information about the value of a liberal arts education and to outline what small U.S. universities have to offer international students.

  • Relationships Matter
    By Shruti Challa

    Entrepreneurship is a choice. It is not reserved for an elite race of humanity. It can be learned. I realized this in my early twenties, after reading a study by a prominent Stanford professor. We tend to over-glamorize the solo characteristics of an entrepreneur. I believe that more than singular traits like brilliance or passion, social tendencies matter. Individuals who are able to create and nurture relationships with people have a leg up. Relationships with strategic mentors, customers and even your team can make or break your success.