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  • How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
    By Akhil Jain Choadhry

    Forging new relationship and taking the already existing bilateral relationship forward to a new extent are two completely different aspects. But these two will come in a single line when the presidential elections are held in a few months from now.

    The US-INDIA relation is one which relates to two good friends whose friendship only grows and deepens with time and terms. Both the countries come forward on many issues on a single platform as a single source and as a single communicating channel.

  • A Commoner’s Diary: India and U.S. Presidential Elections 2016
    By Debashree Dattaray

    “I will acknowledge contemporary lands,

    I will trail the whole geography of the globe and salute courteously

    every city large and small,

    And employments! I will put in my poems that with you is heroism

    upon land and see,

    And I will report all heroism from an American point of view.”
    —Walt Whitman, ‘Starting from Paumanok’, Leaves of Grass, Book II

  • How do you think the U. S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION will impact U.S. – INDIA relations?
    By Gargi Pathak

    In the present scenario of global economic downturn, the economic interests of each country dominate all other forms of affiliations. U.S. – India ties have been transformed in recent years. The global strategic partnership between the two countries proves the strength of the bond these two countries share. The relationship between the two countries is being increasingly consolidated.

  • How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
    By Naval Kishor Masiwal

    The today’s scenario of India and US relationship is far better than it was before 15 years ago. We are in the brink of development and the good approach in Indo-US relationship can make this path full of opportunities in nearby future. It’s clear that Mr. Donald Trump or Mrs. Hillary Clinton is going to be the 45th president of the United States of the America. There are two different aspects of impacts that will happen if anyone of the presidential candidates will became president.