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  • How do you think the US Presidential election will impact US-India Relations?
    By Sourav M. Sardar

    It is an open secret that there is no altruism in foreign relations. Wherever there is convergence of interests, there would be deals happening between countries and the relationship would appear to be on the ascendent. On the other hand, wherever interests diverge, countries would become hostile to each other. It is all a game of circumstances and situations. India-US relations are no exception.

  • How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
    By Vandana Sharma

    According to my perspective, the U.S.A. ELECTIONS of 2016 will be affecting least to the emerging bonding of INDIA and that of U.S.A. itself. INDIA being a developing economy has been constantly making fair diplomatic relations with U.S.A. whether it be in terms of social or economics fields. 

  • How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
    By Taniappa Vidyadhar

    India and USA are two great democracies. Democracy of USA was born some 240 years back whereas India’s democracy is 70 years old.  USA always attracted best talents from across the world.
    Being a democratic country, with abundant talent and intellectuals, India came closer to USA.
    Though both the countries came closer, ideological differences exist. For example USA was deeply engaged in wars.  Fought wars against dictators in Libya, Iraq.

  • Impact of U.S. Presidential Elections on Indo-U.S. Relations
    By Jayshree Mitra Paul

    A kind of media-made hype has invaded our lives. Will she or will he? But I feel, as November comes and goes that the US-India will not be much impacted, if at all. Both are big multicultural democracies who have steadied their relationships through past misunderstandings.