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  • How do you think the U.S. presidential election will impact U.S.-India relations?
    By Moon Garg

    USA being a world superpower has lot of global impact under normal circumstances and when there is a change of leadership due next year when President Obama’s term comes to an end is highly anticipated with lot of anxiety and curiosity .With finalisation of US Presidential candidate’s nomination by both the democrats and republicans, the world pundits have started forecasting the impact on the globe for both the types of president who will occupy white house in Washington DC.

  • How Will the U.S. Presidential Election Impact U.S - India Relations?
    By Ekta K. Kalra

    The US and India have always had a relationship based on strategic partnerships both in good and adverse situations. The US-India relationship also has its fair share of challenges, differences, and issues that they grapple with. The question in the hearts and minds of many is how the upcoming US presidential election will affect US-India relation. Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans, and their perceptions of India sheds some light on the impact of the election on US-India relations.

  • Clinton or Trump: India and United States Will Win
    By Yaseen Puthan Veetil

    Whoever wins the US presidential election in November 2016—Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump--America, India, and other countries of the world will continue to become greater.
    Indeed, though humanity is faced with countless problems, human civilization is well placed on the road to development.
    Either Clinton, with her tactful diplomatic ways, or Trump, with his forceful business punches, is going to show the world that the United States indeed is the leader and the best hope for humanity.

  • Impact of U.S. 2016 Presidential Elections on India-America Relationship
    By Dhritimaan Sharma

    Years make a name for themselves. If 2015 had been the year of Syrian war causing massive displacement and exodus of its citizens, 2014 saw Narendra Modi become the Indian Prime-minister with a thumping victory. And 2016 will be the year of the American Presidential election with its uniqueness. Many may ask what a non-American has got to do with it. On the contrary, every nation, developed or under-developed, and in turn its citizens, shall find impact of this political event. Because today, being in the good books of U.S. is politically critical for any nation.