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  • Formed by the slow erosion of gypsum from the surrounding mountains, the sands themselves are a sea of gleaming white dunes usually under a startlingly blue, cloudless sky.

  • Twelve American communities with outstanding green achievements and sustainable practices.

  • The small, rain-soaked town of Forks, Washington is booming with tourism from the hugely popular “Twilight” novels and their Hollywood movie adaptations.

  • The vast Navajo tribal park on the border of Utah and New Mexico stars in Hollywood movies but remains largely hidden to visitors.

  • Considered by many to be a living art installation, the Gum Wall is sought out by visitors and curiosity seekers who want to get a glimpse of the often odd-ball but enchanting spirit of Seattle. 

  • Guest diver programs at several U.S. aquariums allow people to rub shoulders with goliath groupers, scratch a turtle’s back and watch zebra sharks do underwater loops.

  • There is much more to a visit to the U.S. capital than famous government buildings. Its neighborhoods and suburbs include carefully preserved sections that give visitors the feeling of going back in time.  

  • The museum recounts a tale as resonant and dramatic as any ever staged: Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and assassination.

  • One of the oldest public farmers’ markets in the United States, Pike Place Market is also known as the home of improvised theater and flying fish. 

  • Exhibits of bad art, aliens, spy tools, even cockroaches, showcase humor and individuality.   

  • From indoor cricket to a Hindu temple, paan shops, dosa and biryani stalls, and saris in the store windows, this eastern U.S. suburban area could be an Indian municipality.

  • Cartoonist and illustrator Mario Miranda chronicles his New York trip through his inimitable sketches. 


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