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  • New forms of campaign funding are changing the role of money in U.S. politics.

  • The polling industry is evolving its methodologies to keep pace with the changing U.S. election scenario.

  • Bhagwati Agrawal has developed a water collection system that currently collects 15 million liters of clean drinking water a year for 10,000 residents of six Rajasthan villages.

  • Najmuzzaman Mohammad says intercultural learning equips people with the skills to interact in a multicultural environment without prejudice and stereotypes.

  • Fulbrighter teaching assistants from the United States and India explain how classrooms, opportunities and challenges are different in the two countries.

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  • Applicants should be wary of agents or touts, who illegally promise U.S. visas for a fee, and should better avail themselves of the free services offered by EducationUSA.

  • Solomon Darwin talks about the partnerships between the University of California, Berkeley, and India to advance the development of smart cities in India.

  • City expert Rohit T. Aggarwala discusses India’s Smart Cities Mission—and the local and international efforts toward making that dream a reality.

  • As the first director of the North India Office of the U.S. Embassy, Jonathan Kessler is working on reaching out to all the states in the region to strengthen their ties with the United States.

  • An exclusive interview with U.S. Ambassador Richard R. Verma

  • The U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Culinary Partnership program melds vital international diplomacy and delicious meals.

  • A U.S.-India consortium could address the energy needs of both countries while reducing air pollution.


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